Align Your Soul Purpose

What is SoulCraft

SoulCraft combines LifeCraft Therapy with energy healing that upgrades the programs in your nervous system, and in your DNA. In a state of hypnosis, Greg and Whit are able to identify and deliver freedom from any programs that have served their purpose but are still holding on.
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Release trapped energies
Uncover stuck beliefs holding you back
Re-align with your life’s purpose
Learn to surrender to flow

SoulCraft Therapy Process

The Soulcraft Therapy Process comprises three key stages:


A free appointment where you’ll learn all about LifeCraft Therapy, have all of your questions answered, share more about what’s been going on for you, and find out how LifeCraft Therapy can help you



Be guided into a safe, gentle state of hypnosis where your therapist will identify, reframe and release the self-limiting beliefs and trauma holding you back, then replace them with beliefs that will drive the behaviours and outcomes you desire and deserve.


Listen to your custom-made hypnotherapy audio for 21 days while you’re actively supported through the integration of your new beliefs. After your 21 days of support, our team remains available to you via email for life.


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