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Unlock your potential and find balance with LifeCraft therapy, a holistic approach to mental health and well-being. Explore personalized techniques designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.
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With over 9500 clinical hours, Lifecraft therapy offers a profound and holistic approach to mental health, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit.

What Is LifeCraft Therapy?

LifeCraft Therapy is a composite therapy, which means it’s an intentional combination of many customized therapeutic tools. The core is clinical hypnotherapy, and attached to this core are NLP (neurolinguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), polyvagal theory, reiki, and transformational method.

LifeCraft Therapy identifies, reframes and releases unconscious beliefs, phobias, and self-doubt, then replaces them with beliefs that will drive the behaviours and create the outcomes you deserve in your life.

LifeCraft Therapy is safe, gentle, and proven effective for addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, eating disorders, and habit change. Our data show a 90% success rate from a single session.

The clarity, fulfillment, and abundance you’ve been wanting is your birthright, and is available to you now.

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Antidepressants not working?
Feeling unseen by your therapist?
Feeling like you’re on a treadmill?
Know there is more to life but can’t see a path?
Feeling stuck?

Meet our Therapists

Meet our incredible team of therapists, Greg and Kyle! Greg is based in our cozy Cochrane location, while Kyle is ready to support you from our vibrant Edmonton office. Prefer the convenience of online sessions? No problem, both Greg and Kyle are available to assist you virtually.

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Greg German

Founder of LifeCraft

LifeCraft Therapy Process

The Lifecraft Therapy Process comprises three key stages:


A free appointment where you’ll learn all about LifeCraft Therapy, have all of your questions answered, share more about what’s been going on for you, and find out how LifeCraft Therapy can help you


Be guided into a safe, gentle state of hypnosis where your therapist will identify, reframe and release the self-limiting beliefs and trauma holding you back, then replace them with beliefs that will drive the behaviours and outcomes you desire and deserve.


Listen to your custom-made hypnotherapy audio for 21 days while you’re actively supported through the integration of your new beliefs. After your 21 days of support, our team remains available to you via email for life.

What people have to say about us


“I have worked on my personal and professional development for years and found myself spinning my tires trying to work on my own any further. Coming to Greg was exceptional for many reasons including the beautiful space of openness, comfort, safety and compassion he provided to my situation.”

Hillary G



“I would highly recommend Greg and Life craft coaching to anybody looking to heal and grow who may be needing help or direction.”

Kyran G



“One session with him moved me years ahead in my journey. In fact I have made more progress since our session about 6 months ago than I have over the last 3 years.”

Tyler C



“Absolutely amazing! If you want to find and fix the root of your problems or barriers, be prepared, because it goes way deeper than what you think it is!”

Sarah D


Specialized Applications Of LifeCraft Therapy


Intuitively focused guidance combined with targeted energetic healing and realignment to bring you into freedom and clarity of your soul’s purpose


Remove unconscious barriers to performance and see immediate shifts in results. A huge variety of applications including sports, business, or sexual performance, your beliefs drive behaviours that drive results.


A targeted approach for our veterans and first responders on the front line of humanity who endure repeated acute exposure to extreme situations and are paying a high personal price for their service to others.


A profound way to bring expecting Moms into true connection and power throughout their childbirth journey.

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