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Experience the healing power of energy, frequency and vibration. Open your consciousness and revitalize your body with the healing power of music that’s customized for you.

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Explore the events below and choose between in-person gatherings for a tangible connection or online sessions for the convenience of your sacred space. Join us on this harmonious journey towards well-being.


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Embark on a Sonic Journey

Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that harmonize the realms of sound, spirit, and healing. Explore our offerings below and join us in cultivating well-being through the art of SoundCraft.

The Ultimate In-Person Immersion

SoundCraft Experience

Step into the presence of healing vibrations with our in-person SoundCraft experiences. Engage your senses and connect with the therapeutic power of sound. Join us for a profound journey towards inner balance and renewal.

Transformative Sessions at Your Fingertips

SoundCraft Online

Embark on a virtual odyssey of healing with our online SoundCraft experiences. Immerse yourself in therapeutic sound from the comfort of your space. Connect with our community and explore the boundless possibilities of well-being.

What Our Clients Say

Discover the transformative experiences others have encountered on their SoundCraft journey. Read testimonials from those who have found harmony, healing, and renewal through our sound therapy sessions. Your well-being begins with their stories.

“I was never that big into guided meditations. I always find them distracting, but in my SoundCraft session, I found it easy to surrender into that space where one feels whole and complete. From there, I could effortlessly see my true self be the guide and I got exactly what I needed to face my next challenges with poise and grace.”



The music moves and breathes. It envelopes you into another dimension. When the world around me faded into the background, and my higher self was all that was left, I could hear the message loud and clear: YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Then I became aware of the music again and I heard my wife say, "So this is what music sounds like!"



I recently did a WavePaths sound journey and it felt like I had been meditating for weeks after. I am a daily meditator and this was amazing. I was left with calm and bliss for days after. I will be doing that again too!

Greg pours a ton of time, more than anyone else I've ever had as a healer, into his clients and his services are worth every penny of investment. Life altering! Thank you LifeCraft and Greg for your support on my healing journey!



My WavePath experience was profound. I felt as though I was present and fully conscious at the same time as seeing geometric shapes and colors behind my eyes. I received images and words that I have realized were important symbols. I felt as though I had meditated for 100 hours. I felt the affects for days and did not need to take my daily supplements. Can’t wait to keep using the audio file.



Nothing prepared me for how moving and healing this experience was. Like most people, I already had an appreciation for how healing music can be, but this took it to a whole new level. There was something about using music in an intentional, individualized and therapeutic way that touched me deeply and helped me process some of the loss and grief I had been struggling with over the past few years. By the end of the session, I felt so much lighter and walked away with some visualizations and revelations that I will remember forever.