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A soundscape of healing that can bring cathartic release to stress, anxiety, and even limiting beliefsin the powerful synergy of a healing community.


Join us for a LIVE Group Healing

You’re ready for a paradigm shift.

What you’ve tried hasn’t worked.
And you’ve likely tried many things.

  • You’ve been treating the body. Yes, it’s manifesting in the body, but cures are not found at the level of manifestation. This is why Western Medicine fails. They fail to take into account that healing can take place at an energetic, even a soul level.
  • SoundCraft brings you to a therapeutic psychedelic state. In this beautiful state of openness, the music can identify and remove deep energetic blockages, trauma, and knots.
  • Bonus:you don’t need to have clarity on what’s at the root. You don’t need to talk about it. You don’t need to understand it. You just need to surrender to the healing power of Sound.

With our SoundCraft Experience, you now have access to a safe and gentle modality of healing, proven effective for curing illnesses that elude Western Medicine’s approach.

We look forward to your healing!

[your facilitator]

SoundCraft: in Studio

“I will customize your SoundCraft livestream in real-time, as I tune into the energy of everyone listening.”


Settle into a space of tranquillity as we welcome you with a Prelude of Stillness. Our sacred space awaits, ready to embrace you in a cocoon of calmness and wonder for your musical journey.


Intention Ceremony

Set your intentions in preparation to immerse yourself in a sound bath of frequencies creating a psychedelic state... without psilocybin.

Your mind, body and soul want to thrive and heal. This is your time to be intentional with what you are needing at this moment to Be Fully Human.


Our SoundCraft Therapists will intuitively curate healing music and sounds in real-time surrounding your heart, soul and mind in frequencies that carry you further into your journey. Gently soar on a path of self-discovery.


Imprint and Inform Your Body, Mind and Soul

After your transcending journey, complete your transformative experience with our imprinting. This process allows for all the self-discovery, healing and freedom you have now accessed to be anchored within and imprinted in a lasting transformation. You have the power to give yourself what you need.


Embrace the Gift of SoundCraft

Now re-enter your life with a new level of power, clarity, and gratitude for the gift you have given yourself. We give you the track to listen to as many times as you wish.

It's common to experience an ongoing unfolding of release, lightness, belonging and worthiness.



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