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ManCraft’s Exclusive Via Ferrata Retreat- Climb, Breathe, and Transform


Vertical Ascent


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ManCraft Day Retreat in the David Thompson Corridor

Join us for a transformative backcountry experience as we ascend the iconic Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata, a 180m vertical route offering breathtaking vistas of Abraham Lake. This immersive day retreat, curated by ManCraft, blends adventure, mindfulness, and growth work in a stunning mountain setting. Hover over the images to learn more!

Join us for a transformative backcountry experience as we ascend the iconic Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata, a 180m vertical route offering breathtaking vistas of Abraham Lake. This immersive day retreat, curated by ManCraft, blends adventure, mindfulness, and growth work in a stunning mountain setting. Tap on the images to learn more!

May 26 , 2024


Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata

$350 Per Person

The ultimate experience high above the David Thompson highway

West of Nordegg Alberta, Via Ferrata is the best new way to get into the vertical world. See the azure blue of Abraham Lake. Feel the breeze and eat lunch in the sky. Be protected and guided all the way.  We want to take you on an adventure you’ll never forget! 

What is Via Ferrata?

Italian for “Iron Path”. Climbers ascend a route of steel rungs permanently affixed to the mountain. A shock absorbing lanyard is attached by the climber to a steel cable running parallel to the rungs to protect from a fall.

Enjoyable For All Experience Levels

Enjoyable climbing for everyone with spectacular views of Abraham Lake the whole way. This was the very first in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains! A great place to start if you’ve never climbed Via Ferrata before.

What do I need?

Any Ferrata specific equipment will be provided. Every climber should have: 

Water (min 1L) and Additional Snacks

Mountain clothing (multiple layers recommended)

Backpack (approx. 30L or large enough to bring layers, food, water and any other desired items)

Footwear (ideally mountaineering boots or solid hiking boots)


Gloves (hands on rebar)

Headphones and smart phone with mp3 track on it


Meet The Guides

At ManCraft, we believe in providing you with an unparalleled adventure led by professionals who share your passion for exploration and growth. Allow us to introduce the guides who will accompany you on this transformative journey.

Dan Pichette

ManCraft Director

Dan's journey of surrender has led him to embrace his role as Director of ManCraft.  In this role he is able to combine his yoga experience and personal journey to support men as they rediscover their healthy masculine.  His vision is to build a strong community of men who live with clarity and purpose from the heart.  Men who are grounded and kind yet unapologetically their unique selves as they share their unique gifts in service to the world.

Greg German

LifeCraft Founder

Greg founded LifeCraft from a call to develop the healing modalities we deserve. LifeCraft delivers sound therapy, therapeutic psychedelic therapy, and a unique form of clinical hypnotherapy called LifeCraft Therapy. Greg is grateful to be sharing this experience of profound and deep healing with your community. A purposeful life is our birthright, and available to us all.

Mike Adolph

Via Ferrata Guide

With years of experience in guiding adventurers through the exhilarating world of Via Ferrata, Mike is not just a guide; he's your key to unlocking the thrill of vertical exploration. His expertise ensures a safe and enjoyable climb up Mt. Stelfox, offering insights into the unique challenges and breathtaking vistas that await.

Discover the Via Ferrata Experience

Learn about the excitement and beauty of the Via Ferrata climb with ManCraft. Scroll down to explore the essence of this extraordinary adventure.

The Climb

Conquer New Heights

Experience the thrill of ascending the vertical terrain of Mt. Stelfox. Our Via Ferrata experts ensure a safe and exhilarating climb, making this journey accessible for all adventure enthusiasts.

Summit Serenity

SoundCraft Experience

Surrender to a powerful  SoundCraft and hypnotherapy experience. Relax in your hammock, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the David Thompson Corridor.


BreathCraft Tranquility

BreathCraft Experience

Immerse yourself in a powerful BreathCraft practice at the summit. Feel the rejuvenating effects of mindful breathing amidst the mountain serenity, creating a harmonious connection with nature.


What Our Clients Say

Discover the transformative experiences others have encountered on their SoundCraft journey. Read testimonials from those who have found harmony, healing, and renewal through our sound therapy sessions. Your well-being begins with their stories.

"Climbing Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata with ManCraft was a bucket-list experience! The guides were top-notch, ensuring our safety while pushing us to conquer new heights. The views were absolutely stunning, making every step of the ascent worth it. Can't wait to do it again!"

Eric W


"As a first-timer on Via Ferrata, I was a bit nervous, but the guides made the experience unforgettable. The climb was challenging, but the feeling of accomplishment at the summit was beyond words."

Kathy S


"This Via Ferrata adventure was simply incredible! The team made sure we were well-prepared and guided us through every step. The thrill of the climb combined with the stunning mountain scenery made it an adventure of a lifetime. I can't stop talking about it!"

Greg pours a ton of time, more than anyone else I've ever had as a healer, into his clients and his services are worth every penny of investment. Life altering! Thank you LifeCraft and Greg for your support on my healing journey!

Emily T


"I have a fear of heights, but I decided to face it head-on the Mt. Stelfox Via Ferrata. The guides were patient and supportive, making me feel secure throughout. The climb challenged me in the best possible way, and reaching the top was a triumph over my fears."

Tarren K


"Did the Via Ferrata with a group of friends, and it turned out to be the perfect bonding experience. The climb brought us closer, and the shared sense of achievement at the summit was priceless. The guides were not just experts; they felt like friends encouraging us along the way. Highly recommended for group adventures!"

Eva L


Ready to Conquer the Peaks?

Seize the opportunity to scale new heights, challenge your limits, and create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the ManCraft day retreat – a blend of adventure, camaraderie, and self-discovery.