How to Know If You’re Ready for a Psychedelic Journey.

"Sure, you want to experience altered states of consciousness... maybe even be shown a past life... but do you really want to surrender completely?"

I was 35 years old,
losing everything through a ugly divorce,
staying on someone’s couch in the winter
because my car got too cold.

I felt like I didn’t know who I was…
like God had rightfully turned His back on me.

I’d long since resigned myself to the fact that it was not only all my fault,

The best I could hope for going forward is not make life worse.

Being raised very Right-wing, Bible-thumpin’ legalistic Christian,

I figured I might as well turn my back on God and try meditating with some Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Yeah – that’s how a sheltered homeschool kid goes through their “Rebellious Phase”.

Of course, finding some spiritual people in Edmonton, I found some nice, cathartic experiences that really helped me find more peace about my situation; ceremonies, meditations, prayer circles, and the like…


The whole ‘spiritual community’ vibe was really not my thing.

  • I didn’t like all that weird talk about 4D and 5D.
  • I definitely didn’t believe a word the psychics had to say, no matter how obvious it was in the stars or their Tarot cards.
  • Plus, I got to know some of those people… their relationships and their values

The only positive thing I could see in their dysfunctions was that it made me feel less pitiful about my own.

So when the opportunity to embark on a ‘Journey’ crossed my path, I envisioned myself ending up like one of ‘them’: Where my rebellious phase would see me sit down in a Drum Circle and smoke tobacco.

Or maybe get a ticket to Burning Man. *gasp!*

It was a hard pass.

Two weeks later, I held the medicine in my hands as the binaural beats throbbed 111hz frequencies through the room, took a deep breath, and ate the mushrooms.

What changed?

How I went from ‘Hell no’ to ‘Let’s do this’!

A couple days after I was first asked if I wanted to go on this ‘Hero’s Journey’, I was telling the story of this ‘opportunity’ to a friend of mine and he asked me, “If you could summarize what you’ve learned over the last couple years of your life – what with the divorce and family court, losing your business, house…

What would it be?”

After a long pause, I almost said, “Karma’s a bitch”. Instead, all that came out was, “I dunno”.

He said, “Our lives, from beginning to end are one, big, long lesson. We’re here to grow up, and all our experiences, good and bad, exist to teach us something,”

If I wasn’t so good at hiding my emotions, my eyes would’ve rolled right out of my head.

As he continued, ‘droning on’ about how he learned that he was the asshole in his failed marriage, I was thinking to myself,

“I’m so done learning all this shit.
I’m through being thrown into the ringer, day in day out.
I’ve gone through enough suffering now.
I paid my dues.

It was as if he could read my thoughts, because the next thing he said was,

“This isn’t about whether or not you should try psychedelic therapy.
Maybe you should… maybe you shouldn’t…

That’s not nearly as important as how open you are to learning valuable lessons.

… and I’ve met a lot of people who have learned a lot of valuable lessons the more they perceive their lives from a different perspective.

Maybe you’re ready for a journey with some therapeutic psychedelics.
Maybe you’re not.

Are you open to perceiving your life from a different perspective?

Are you ready to learn something new?

This Sunday, we’re going to be discussing how the right therapeutic psychedelics can drastically help you shift the perception of who you are – at the core level of your being.

On this live, interactive call, you’ll find a vibrant, fun-loving family of healers who are here to help, no matter what Journey you choose.

To join in on the call, simply join our online community, where we text and live chat several times per week.

We look forward to meeting you!


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