How to naturally heal from anything that’s hurt.

The laws of nature show us the way: let's follow them.

Nature heals itself.

This is why it’s important that we are good to the environment.

So mother nature can heal herself.

The same applies to your leg.

It can heal itself.

That’s why if you break your leg, it’s important that the fracture be as closed as possible.

We call it “Setting the Bone”.

We inherently know that the bone needs an environment where it can heal.
(this is why we also put on casts, so that environment that promotes healing is more protected and maintained)

Under the same laws of nature, a body can heal itself!

In fact, we’ve also known this for decades:
Diseases like cancer, pneumonia, and even COVID
can only exist if there’s an environment that can support them.

We need not live in fear of these things.
We simply need an environment where our bodies can heal themselves.

Now, what if our hurt isn’t physical?

Yes… sometimes, we experience emotional wounds.

They can be so ‘deep’, even time doesn’t seem to help.

They show up in various ways:
– not wanting to text people back,
– failing to find joy in things that used to bring you joy,
– outbursts of temper that seem to come out of nowhere,

But even those emotions can only exist in a certain environment.

If you remove the environment, the emotions cannot survive.

Let’s say you want different emotions.

All it takes is an environment that can support those emotions.

“What’s the environment of any emotion?”

That’s a quality question!

“What is the ether – the essence of an emotion?”

Language. The words we use to put Energy in MOTION.

To heal our hurts,
especially the kind of hurt that makes it feel like our soul is aching…
we need to be speaking a language that supports the healing.

This language is
not very well known,
but conversations of healing
are spreading across the world like wildfire.

And we invite you to join in ours.

This Sunday at 7pm, join our community where we are pioneering “The Great Healing”

Identify your soul’s calling for you to be fully human…

All of us have a purpose here.

All our life’s experiences – good and bad – are profoundly aligned with our highest purpose. To the degree that we live day to day, living that purpose, we experience life with more fulfillment, joy, happiness…

We live a more fully human life.

You can probably recognize times in your life (maybe you’re going through one of those times right now) where life seems to be a struggle.

No matter what you try to do,
there’s an underlying feeling that it’s not doing any good.

  • You’re not making any headway.
  • Your relationship is still on the rocks.
  • Activities that used to bring you joy fail to inspire you at all.
  • Even your career, which you were optimistic about back in the day, feels like an endless treadmill of deadlines and stressors that never let up – even when you go for a weekend getaway.

This is an important lesson:

These issues ARE your soul’s calling to something more.

That doesn’t mean you should go quit your job tomorrow.
Nor does it mean you should break up.

Think of this way:

You’re on a road trip, wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the landscape in a convertible.

Without a care in the world.

aaaaand then the gas gauge beeps, informing you, you’re bingo on fuel.

What do you do?

Do you get angry at the indicator?
Do you curse the gas tank for being ‘too small’?
Would you consider beating yourself up for letting it get too low?

You certainly wouldn’t stop the car, get out of the vehicle and say, “Well there’s no point in going on”

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Perfectionism
  • Social Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders

These are simply indicators of the soul.

Here’s how you deal with these (and other mental health conditions) in a healthy way:

  1. Thank the indicator
  2. Find your nearest service station and fuel up.

That’s why this Sunday, at 7pm – you need to be on our online meetup.

There, surrounded by a family of healers, you’ll be in the kind of environment that adds to your fuel tank.

You might even find a nicer vehicle that will help you get wherever you’re going on your life’s journey.

No matter what, though – being immersed in the Language of healing will feel like a breath of fresh air.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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