How the Masculine Leads in His Relationship

Alternate Title: "How To Be a Danger to Society While Keeping the Law"

It’s not that astonishing that
we’ve reached such a point in history
where such a simple sentence gets interpreted as offensive…

What we find more disturbing is that
society embraces such irrationality
and it saturates every form of media!

How did it get to THAT?
How did people fall for this nonsense so deeply?

This is not natural.
This level of insanity isn’t even possible in nature.

You’re right.

We were poisoned.

We really noticed it when we became the doofuses and butts of jokes in the TV commercials that advertised cleaning supplies and SUVs.

We felt the collective pain of frustration
when men would show diligence and passion in their work
only to be told they were part of the evil corporate patriarchy.

So to keep the status quo,
they would sacrifice
a little sliver of their freedom,
and call it ‘finding balance’…

This ultimately distanced men from their nature,
they sacrificed freedom for safety
and inevitably ended up with neither.

But the line in the sand gets drawn here.

And we are writing to you today to deliver a very important call to action:

We have started a guild of men
who are taking pride in being masculine…

especially in the context of our relationship with our divine feminine counterpart.

Now, it’s important to note: This isn’t about whether or not she deserves it.

The strength and power of divine masculinity,
where you feel Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof,
and have complete clarity in your enoughness,

You don’t need anyone’s permission to have that.

It’s yours by Divine Right.

To have it, all you must do is…
lean into giving yourself permission
to be your true, authentic self.

It sounds simple enough, eh?

Yes, from such a powerful posture,

Your very presence in the room inspires the divine feminine to revere you as her champion.

Her Hero.

Her lover, with whom she feels your grounding presence.

That is a relationship
that is very dangerous
to a world that would see you
divided, depressed, and defeated.

So what’s your next step?

How can you shield yourself and your relationship from the onslaught?

Commit to immersing yourself in a different language,
Empowering thoughts and beliefs take much less time to integrate than disempowering ones, so the shift will be tangible as the old patterns begin to fade.

Attend our ManCraft Introduction on November 2nd

We’re going to directly address the challenges we face as men
and how we can be the strong anchor our partner needs in the face of any storm.

Out of that conversation, you’ll be offered the opportunity to join a select few men on a 4-day, all inclusive retreat, where through a series of experiences and adventures, you’ll discover your own unique path to rising up in authentic masculinity.

And together, we command integrity, respect, and honour in our community.

We be the change we wish to see in the world.


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