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Lets Talk About Problems Nobody Talks About

Feel like you don’t belong?

Have you been feeling like everyone feels that way, but you feel this way? Does everyone around you see things that way, but you see it this way?

Wanting more clarity?

Do you you feel like you’re trapped in a fog, with the answers you need just out of reach? Do you feel uncomfortable where you are, but don’t know where to go?

Feeling alone?

Do you feel unseen and alone even when you’re surrounded by people? Are you craving a real connection to yourself and others?

Trapped in behaviours you hate?

Feeling yourself compelled into the same patterns you know are holding you back, but feeling powerless and unmotivated to create lasting change?

Feeling like life is meaningless?

Are the things that used to bring joy no longer working? Have you been asking ‘is this all there is in life’?

Embark on a Soulful Expedition

The healing you deserve is...
The healing you deserve is...



Connecting with Your Intuition and Spiritual Gifts

*Prerequisite for course 2 & 3*

Unleash the power within you as you explore and develop your innate intuition and spiritual gifts. This course is a guided odyssey into self-discovery, helping you forge a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, empowering you to surrender into your life of purpose and power with confidence and flow.

Embark on Course 1, beginning with a course orientation on February 15. Dive into classes starting February 22, followed by a gap week on March 14, leading to the culmination of the course on May 2. Join us on this transformative journey!



Healing The Sacred Feminine

*Prerequisite for course 3*

Embark on a healing journey that honors the sacred feminine within. This course is a nurturing space where you can embrace and empower the divine feminine energies, fostering balance and strength necessary for both men and women to be in full and authentic expression.

Join Course 2 starting May 23, with a reflective gap week on May 30, concluding on July 25.



Healing with Your Dead

In this profound course, discover the transformative potential of connecting with and accepting the healing of departed loved ones. Learn how to ask for and receive the powerful and lasting release of trauma, pain, resentment, fear, and more. Be empowered to continue on your healing journey to the freedom and fullness you deserve.

Dive into Course 3 from August 15, pause for contemplation on September 5, and complete the journey on October 17.



“I met Sinead approximately 9 years ago, receiving natural healing including Cranial-Sacral Therapy, nutritional counseling, and mediumship. Sinead’s treatments have been beneficial for my family’s health, and her spiritual work led to a precise diagnosis of my mother’s knee issue, providing pain relief. Highly recommend for holistic health.”

Donna W


“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Sinead, and I can confidently say that she is an incredible guide who has truly helped me discover my hidden gifts. Her intuitive insights were spot on, providing me with invaluable clarity and understanding. Her guidance was always gentle & encouraging for me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace my true abilities.”

Jakee H


“Our session provided me with deep inner knowing that I am loved and supported by guides that are invested in my souls unique journey. The guidance I received during our session helped me through some dark days and gave me courage and reassurance when I most needed it.”

Donovan B


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Course 1

Starts Feb 15, 2024Starts Feb 15, 2024
$777 $477
  • Connecting With Your Intuition And Spiritual Gifts Course Material
  • Guidance Throughout Your Journey
  • Empowerment Kit For Spiritual Growth
  • Exclusive Community Access
  • Lifetime Access

the guidance you need, the love you deserve

An Authentic healing course, built from channeled truth

A healing paradigm

Experience the authenticity and safety of truth, channeled directly from spirit.

Unique in the world

Built from the ground up in cooperation with spirit guides, this course is unique in the world and the first of its kind.

Lifelong Community

With lifetime access to our facilitated online community and the support of our team, you’re never alone – even after you’ve graduated as an empowered and free soul.


Frequently asked questions

It’s ok.  It takes time to relax and learn to BE in this process.  Intuition comes through different parts of the brain and body that we may not use often.  We are frequently in our left brain in this 3D world and intuition comes through the right brain, pineal glad (area behind our forehead and between eyes) and we connect with the spiritual realm through our crown chakra at the top back part of our head.  Be patient with yourself and it will come.  It is all there already and we are just teaching our body to access and remember. We will have a lot of practice in these Healing With Your Dead courses to support you in this development.

At the beginning of Connecting With Your Intuition and Spiritual Gifts, we will learn how to work with all beings of love and light ONLY and to protect ourselves from any other shadow energy.  As light is far more powerful than dark, working only with the light is easy and assured.

When we set the intention prior to receive what we need to know, we trust the information we receive.  The more we trust what we receive, the more we are able to discern and filter.  This is a process that takes practice and time.  Once we set the intention and relax into surrender, the information will flow with exactly what you need at that time.  We will talk about this in depth in the classes and students will learn from other student’s experiences as well.

It’s ok and natural to feel afraid at the beginning.  Once you learn to trust you are working with pure love and light and the omnipotent divine powers in the universe,  you will relax and surrender into the process and begin to trust.  This is where the magic begins.

It’s ok.  It is normal to feel nervous at the beginning as there is much negative programming about the paranormal and the dark aspects of it.  We are not working with any dark aspects and are fully protected against it (we will learn about this in the first course).  We work with the dead that we are comfortable with and who we know and trust.  This provides safety for students and tremendous healing and growth.  Students will be fully supported and encouraged to work with those that they are comfortable with as they begin.

As you learn to recognize common symbols and signs, you will see the patterns of support and validation, and synchronicities in your daily life.  The more open you are, the more you will see.  The more you spend time being, in quiet, and allowing and surrendering, the more you will see and connect the symbolic ‘bread crumbs’ if you will.  There is no coincidence when patterns are put in our path to give us guidance and areas of focus.

Practice. Practice. Practice.  Intuition is a muscle that needs building and regular exercise.  As we start incorporating the use of our intuition into our daily lives, the stronger it gets.  We will also have lots of practice in the courses to support your development.

In the first course in the Healing with your Dead trilogy, we will talk about next steps and goal setting for everyone.

Embrace Healing, Growth, and Connection

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