Healing Chronic Pain at the Root: A Renewed Approach for Complete Freedom

Experience the power of healing sound and deep unconscious shifts with or without the use of therapeutic psychedelic plant medicine.

A modality of healing when all else fails.

If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, you’ve likely tried to find freedom in many ways. And if you’re still suffering, it means these haven’t worked.

Modern medicine tends to see pain as the result of something physical, and thus looks for a physical cause and pursues physical solutions. These include surgeries, injections, and medications.

Over years of bringing people freedom from health conditions considered ‘idiosympathic’ (without known origin) by modern medicine, we’ve discovered that illness (including chronic pain) can be mainfestations of trauma, stress, or self-limiting beliefs. Chronic pain resulting from these non-physical roots can sometimes (but not always) be numbed with physical intervention. But true freedom from pain can only be found when the root cause is healed.

If you’re suffering with chronic pain that is unresponsive to physical interventions, you deserve a new approach that will resolve the root of chronic pain in your life.

Chronic pain is calling you to heal something deep.

We can help you answer that call.

Upcoming Healing Experiences with Natasha

Experience the safe, gentle, yet profound deep healing of our multi-dimensional sound therapy. The customized sound guides your nervous system into a therapeutic psychedelic state (a state of openness where you can release deep emotion easily and naturally) without any psychedelic medicine. Come back feeling lighter, safer, and free from trauma, self-limiting belief and fear at the root of chronic pain.



Yes. The therapeutic window (the distance between the minimum effective dose and the highest safe dose) of psilocybin is very very wide. Adverse reactions to psilocybin are extremely rare. And because of our thorough screening process and intentional grounding process guiding you into your journey, we’ve never had one. And we don’t expect we ever will.

Puking during psychedelic therapy is rare and can happen for two reasons:

  1. When the body disagrees with the medicine, causing upset stomach.
  2. In a “purge”, where the body releases energy, resulting in gentle tummy twists.

In our 250 journeys, only one person experienced puking due to an upset stomach, and this is extremely uncommon with the mushrooms we use, which are exceptionally clean and high vibration. The purge happens more often, about five or six times over 250 journeys, but it’s a natural process of energy release.

We rarely see unexpected puking. Our Therapists are ever-vigilant and have everything they need to handle it comfortably.

As for pooping, it’s not common during the session, but some individuals may experience different movements in the washroom the next day, which is a natural healing process.

The duration of the experience typically ranges especially since there everyone differs in sensitivities and metabolisms. However, for the vast majority of people, it lasts around 2-3 hours.

After the experience, you might feel tired due to the transformative work undertaken during the journey, but there’s no typical hangover, brain cramp, or fogginess. Quality electrolytes and filtered water are provided to support your well-being, ensuring you feel calmly energized and ready to go after the session.

We have a robust first aid kit, including a burn kit and at least 1 person on every team has their St. John’s First Aid.

Also, in your private consultation, we assess all your concerns and form a plan for risk mitigation.

We have everything we need to contain and dispose of feminine products available, and if you’re on pain medication, there are no contraindications in terms of safety, but in the context of the experience, they may numb your sensory system, weakening the impact of your therapy.


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