Conquering Nervousness with LifeCraft Therapy

A common thing we see in our clinic is nervousness. By the time many of our clients come to see us, they have been through a gauntlet of doctor’s offices, talk therapy sessions, medication experiments, and more. The reasons they come range from addiction, anxiety, treatment resistant depression, to PTSD, eating disorders, behaviour changes and myriad other issues. So when they turn to holistic healing modalities, they are understandably nervous about what is about to happen.

This is completely normal. Your limitless unconscious mind is comfortable with the known, and abhors the unknown. It would much rather choose suffering (known, but not death) vs. a new therapy that it has no experiential context to process (unknown – this might kill us!!).

This is where LifeCraft Therapy shines. The entire time you’re with us, we’re speaking directly to your unconscious mind in subtle ways your conscious mind isn’t even aware of.

By the time you are in the chair and about to be led to hypnosis, the conscious mind may still be spinning with nervous energy, but your unconscious mind is, as we like to say, ready to party! As we guide you into a gentle state of relaxation, your conscious mind eventually realizes it has nothing tangible to hold onto to keep it nervous, so it eventually lets go. Here is where the magic happens. Here is where we find the root of beliefs that have kept you stuck in places no longer serving you. Here is where you find the healing you deserve. Here is where you realize you have all the power. Here is where you are set free.

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Greg German

Founder & Lead Therapist Of LifeCraft


June, 2024