Bringing Moms Into Power

What is BirthCraft

BirthCraft brings expectant mothers into embodied connection with their body’s wisdom, empowering a natural birth with little or no pain, and a rich connection with your baby throughout the delivery process.

With BirthCraft, your natural birthing experience can be deeply empowering, and guide your baby into the world in peace and grace. No trauma, no fear.

BirthCraft is a powerful tool to bring expecting Moms into grounded power, readiness, and connection to baby that is not available in Western delivery rooms We work with you in the months leading up to birth to bring your nervous system into an open, connected state in preparation for the beautiful, powerful experience ahead

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Antidepressants not working?
Feeling unseen by your therapist?
Feeling like you’re on a treadmill?
Know there is more to life but can’t see a path?
Feeling stuck?

BirthCraft Process


A free appointment where you’ll learn all about LifeCraft Therapy, share more about what’s been going on for you, and find out out LifeCraft Therapy can help you


Be guided into the safe, gentle state of hypnosis where your therapist will identify, reframe and release the self-limiting beliefs and trauma holding you back, then replace them with beliefs that will drive the behaviours and outcomes you desire and deserve.


Listen to your custom-made hypnotherapy audio for 21 days while you’re actively supported through the integration of your new beliefs. After your 21 days of support, our team remains available to you via email for life.

What people have to say about us


“I have worked on my personal and professional development for years and found myself spinning my tires trying to work on my own any further. Coming to Greg was exceptional for many reasons including the beautiful space of openness, comfort, safety and compassion he provided to my situation.”

Hillary G



“I would highly recommend Greg and Life craft coaching to anybody looking to heal and grow who may be needing help or direction.”

Kyran G



“One session with him moved me years ahead in my journey. In fact I have made more progress since our session about 6 months ago than I have over the last 3 years.”

Tyler C



“Absolutely amazing! If you want to find and fix the root of your problems or barriers, be prepared, because it goes way deeper than what you think it is!”

Sarah D


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